An investment portfolio built on game-changing ideas

An investment portfolio built on game-changing ideas

An early-stage tech investor with a keen eye for market opportunities, Salomon Aiach (Co-Founder at Origins Fund) invests mostly in B2C and B2B2C companies, so the end-user is the consumer. 

From Facebook to Goldman Sachs, his career history is littered with high-profile (and high-pressure) roles, and when it comes to investments he knows how to find what he’s looking for. Salomon is focusing his energy on scaling Origins Fund – with an aggressive approach to expanding the firm’s portfolio in 2024. 

He told us about his passion for game-changing ideas, and what he looks for in a startup. 

Could you share your career journey so far?

“I've always had a passion for game-changing ideas and innovation that can revolutionise how consumers experience technology. 

“My career has been filled with moments that fueled this passion from witnessing the power of technology across different industries when working on launching Marcus at Goldman Sachs to seeing the profound impact of innovative startups as Head of Startups at Meta France. 

“These experiences have solidified my commitment to investing in groundbreaking early-stage technology companies.”

What's the vision behind Origins Fund? 

“Our goal at Origins is two-fold. We strive to support game-changing companies that disrupt their respective industries and also make a difference in people's lives. 

“As athletes and champions worldwide have never been more involved in technology investing, we aim to be the go-to athlete-led VC fund in Europe, while adding immense value to our portfolio companies through our network of LPs.”

Are there any tech segments in particular that you're looking to expand your portfolio in this year?

“In 2024, we plan to be deploying capital more aggressively and opportunistically than ever, looking specifically to make investments in consumer artificial intelligence, social, marketplaces, gaming, and health tech, along with B2B2C companies, in the US and Europe.” 

How do you know when a startup is a good investment for you? 

“Factors such as an experienced team demonstrating founder-market fit, a defined and scalable business model and a product that addresses genuine market needs are crucial considerations.  I also assess how well the startup aligns with Origins Funds overarching vision, value-add, and its potential for long term success.”

Finally, why are events like LEAP valuable to you? 

“LEAP specifically is allowing us to step a first foot into the MENAP market – one that has been at the forefront not only of great technological innovation, but also of the new football world. 

“Events like LEAP hold significance for Origins as they provide us with opportunities for networking, staying up to date with industry trends, and discovering promising startups. These events facilitate connections with individuals, potential collaborators and investors. 

“I think engaging in forums is vital for all VCs attempting to remain at the forefront of the dynamic technology landscape, identifying investment prospects and fostering an ecosystem.”

Thanks to Salomon Aiach at Origins Fund. Did you miss LEAP 2024? Don’t worry – meet us in Riyadh for the 2025 edition and level up your knowledge, your business, and your career. 


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