A closer look at LEAP 2022 with Schneider Electric

A closer look at LEAP 2022 with Schneider Electric

Who would benefit most from attending your keynote at LEAP?

We have a vision of the future that is both digital and sustainable. We believe that the former is the foundation for the latter. And we also believe that Industries of the Future, Data Centers of the Future, Buildings of the Future and essentially Economies of the Future will be both digital and sustainable. This is our vision and we’re working to make this a reality through our technologies which are helping our customers become both more energy efficiency and more sustainable with fewer carbon emissions. That’s our promise, and this is what we want to focus minds on at LEAP.

Why do you think it is important to attend LEAP 2022?

Under the strategy of Vision 2030 it is evident that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has sustainability at the heart of its inspiring transformation and one of the main drivers of this transformation is world class and green technology and innovation. 

With the ambitious green initiaves, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is taking active steps locally and a leadership role both in the region and globally to drive sustainability powered by digital transformation and innovation.

We’ve grasped the fact that the world is getting warmer. But it isn’t too late to prevent climate change. Not if we take immediate action. Saudi Arabia recognizes that climate change is nature’s ticking time bomb and has launched programs such as the Saudi Green Initiative as part of its Vision 2030 strategy to tackle environmental challenges faced by not only the Kingdom, but the region as a whole.

Saudi Arabia is the largest country for technology vendors in the region, and LEAP will give us all – vendors, customers and everyone who is interested in the technology sector – an opportunity to come together and talk about where we are headed and what we need to do to realize the promise of IT to make our economies more efficient, more agile, more robust, and, most importantly for Schneider Electric, more sustainable. I welcome the opportunity to be at this important event, and meet with colleagues as we converge from across the world at LEAP.

What are your 3 top tips for tech professionals to stay on the cutting-edge?

· Be curious: the industry is constantly evolving and developing, and newer concepts such as AI and the Industrial Internet-of-Things are delivering a host of new opportunities when it comes to how organizations operate and the value they can derive from technology.

· Look at both IT and OT (operational technology): We all know the impact that IT has had, but OT may have an even bigger impact over the coming decade, as we upgrade and transform our factories with technologies that manage, monitor and optimize industrial operations. OT can drastically improve productivity while reducing operational costs.

· Be cyber-aware: Technology doesn’t come without risks, and the greatest challenge we face is how can we secure our operations whilst rolling out new technologies? We have to ensure our processes are secure, while working to educate employees on what they can do to keep both themselves and the organization safe from cyber threats.


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