How being a tech influencer changes your perspective

How being a tech influencer changes your perspective

He’s a gaming influencer who’s been sharing videos on YouTube since 2011 – with 15.3 million subscribers on that original channel. But Jordi van den Bussche (Founder and CEO at JVDB Studios) has taken content creation beyond the boundaries of simply producing videos. 

Jordi also created a successful AI-enabled YouTube channel, Bloo – and he founded an AI-powered content platform that enables users to create high quality, truly engaging content using text prompts. 

We caught up with Jordi before he landed in Riyadh for LEAP 2024 to find out how being an influencer has shaped his perspective on tech. 

What first sparked your interest in AI?

“My interest in AI sparked from a blend of curiosity and the natural progression of technology, also within the gaming and content creating industry. As a content creator, I was struggling with the key-man problem – I was always needed for my videos. My first solution to this was to look into technology, specifically AI. 

“I made an AI-powered gaming YouTube channel called Bloo. Where the channel has a host which solved the key-man problem. Bloo currently has more than a million subscribers and 20+ million monthly views in its second year of existence. This was a real pivotal moment for me. 

“This evolution in technology mirrored my broader interest in how AI can enhance creativity and engagement across various digital platforms.”

Could you tell us three things you've done that you think have enabled you to build such a large active audience online?

“Building a large, active audience online required a mix of consistency, a combination of quantity and quality and constant innovation. Being consistent to my followers, and embracing new technologies, such as AI, to push the boundaries of what's possible in content creation has kept my content fresh and engaging.”

The discourse around influencers often focuses on how they influence others. But how does your position as an influencer, and the experiences you're exposed to as a result, influence your perspective on tech and the future?

“As an influencer, my perspective on tech and the future is significantly shaped by the diversity of experiences and interactions I'm exposed to. This position allows me to see firsthand the potential of technology to connect, inspire, and transform our daily lives. It's a reminder of the responsibility to use this platform not just to entertain, but to educate and inspire about the future we're building together and now, how we can use technology for this.”

If you could use your platform to drive three transformations in technology/society, what would those transformations be?

“If I could use my platform to drive transformations in technology and society, I would focus on inspiring people to learn and educate themselves about AI and how it can help their lives. Also, I would democratize access to technology, and promote ethical AI development. Each of these areas is critical for ensuring that the benefits of technological advancements are accessible to all, empowering individuals, and guiding the responsible use of AI.”

And finally, what were you most looking forward to at LEAP 2024?

“Looking forward to LEAP 2024, I was most excited about witnessing the latest innovations in AI and technology from around the world. It's a unique opportunity to learn, share, and collaborate with like-minded individuals passionate about shaping the future of our digital landscape.” 

Thanks to Jordi van den Bussche at JVDB Studios. Did you miss LEAP 2024? Don’t worry! Join us in Riyadh for the 2025 edition.


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