If you’re a C-level, this is what you’ll learn at LEAP

If you’re a C-level, this is what you’ll learn at LEAP

Plans are underway for LEAP 2024, and we’ve been having loads of conversations lately with people who attended the first and second editions of our mind-blowing (if we do say so ourselves) event.

LEAP is the meeting point for over 172,000 regional and international tech professionals, with more than 900 of the world’s leading tech companies taking up space on the exhibition floor.

But we know numbers and marketing content can only tell you so much about an event. You really want to know what people like you have gained from joining us in Riyadh – and with two wildly successful years of LEAP behind us, we’ve got the intel.

C-level execs got to know who’s who in their secretary, and build valuable relationships

Kris Libunao (Executive Director and Chief Sustainability Officer at SmartCT) said:

“LEAP 2023 was a great networking platform. I was able to meet with specialists and influential experts in my field. It’s a great event where I was able to share my ideas, gain knowledge from others' experiences, and I even identified possible partners for future initiatives.”

And networking isn’t just a thing you should do because everyone says you should. There’s a vast amount of evidence that supports the promise that a strong network will drive business success. Research shows that 55% of communication happens through nonverbal elements – like facial expressions, posture and gestures.

Which means you’ve got to be in the room together to truly connect, and to build strong and lasting relationships with your peers.

They were exposed to ideas outside of their lane

With the rise of digital networking events, it’s easier than ever for C-levels to stay in their lane. You can go online, find events that will connect you to people just like you, and stick with them. Talks and channels that feature different industries or professional specialisms can be ignored – because why would you waste your time on stuff that’s not relevant to you?

But the problem with that is that you miss out on cross-sector knowledge that could feed new ideas, novel solutions, and out-of-the-box ways to navigate problems back into your specific line of work.

Ghela Boskovich (Regional Director/Head of Europe at Financial Data and Technology Association) said:

“Having so many industries convened in one spot made it so much easier to have conversations about the intersectionality of different data sets, and what potential use cases arise from blending those insights. Under one roof (an unfathomably big roof) we have smart energy, smart cities, and health tech bumping into fintech. LEAP 2023 afforded me the chance to talk with others from around the world, in different industries, about the intersectionality of smart data use cases in an open framework. A rare opportunity.”

This is an important distinction between just having access to the latest leadership insights, and having access to leadership insights from cross-industry experts who are solving the same problems as you – just in different contexts, and with different knowledge-bases.

In order to be a leader in your sector, you’ve got to expose yourself to things that are happening beyond the scope of your work. And LEAP is the perfect place to do that.

Business leaders discovered new opportunities in Saudi Arabia

KSA is a fast growing market, and the country’s aims for economic diversification mean that it’s leaning into the potential of tech innovation. It’s a market that’s worth understanding right now, before it becomes more heavily saturated – so you decide if Saudi partnerships are right for your business.

Phnam Bagley (Space Architect at Nonfiction Design) said:

“I met cool, smart, passionate people from all over the world. It was my first time visiting KSA so I really enjoyed discovering the local culture, people, food and focus on the future. I look forward to developing relationships with KSA businesses and seeing how a California-based company like mine can do to accelerate innovation on Earth and in space.”

The investments ecosystem in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region is thriving – and getting more and more attention from key global tech investors. Right now is a really good time to gain real-world understanding of the KSA market.

And they discovered new inspiration to drive their journey into the future

Going to a conference or industry event isn’t just about the concrete information you gain, or the partnerships you forge that will drive your business into the future. It’s also about how you feel.

And when you leave LEAP, we can tell you – with absolutely no doubt at all – that you’ll feel inspired, motivated, and supported by your global community of tech leaders.

Elliott Levine (Director Worldwide Education at Qualcomm) said:

“I was inspired by the many people with interest in education technology, but none more than the students that were able to attend my opening session. You could see their curiosity and desire to embrace technology to aid in their learning and their lives. I also enjoyed connecting with and meeting many individuals committed to advancing the learning landscape across the US and the world. It is through events like this we can highlight emerging technologies that we can bring about change for the good of everyone.”

Change for the good of everyone. What a place the world could be if every C-level on the planet (and the ones who are going into space) could get on board with that message.

We’re ready to meet you at LEAP 2024. Register now.


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