Investing to strengthen tech and humanity

Investing to strengthen tech and humanity

Reema Khan (CEO at Green Sands Equity) founded her boutique private equity investment firm in 2016. Currently based in Green Sands Equity’s San Francisco office, she is responsible for all aspects of the firm’s investment strategy – as well as the team and operations across its global network. 

With a large political and diplomatic network, Khan specialises in strategic advisory for governments to support their branding for foreign direct investment. She’s also a Managing Member of the United Nations Women in Science & Technology Platform, on behalf of the Royal Academy of Science International. 

Each year, Khan hosts the Green Sands Global Summit; “an exclusive, off the record, invitation-only meeting of 50 global leaders that span intelligentsia, business, and government.” And in 2019 she launched the Green Sands Prize to honour an individual or organisation with the potential to have profound impact.

In short: Khan has a huge breadth and depth of wisdom to share for investors and entrepreneurs. We asked her some quick-fire questions – and here’s what she told us. 

What are the technologies you’re most excited about investing in right now? 

“From Generative AI to Quantum Computing to the Space Industry, while we are strengthening our tools, we are also strengthening human beings by leaning into Biology and Neuroscience.” 

Khan’s recent investments include: 

  • Vectara – a GenAI platform that’s working to change the way we search for information.
  • Paradromics – developing a brain-computer interface with profound clinical applications for people with motor impairments.
  • Pasqal – building quantum computers from neutral atoms in 2D and 3D arrays.
  • SpaceX – Elon Musk’s innovative space industry firm. 

Speaking about Saudi Arabia in particular, what are the opportunities that you see in the country for investors in science and technology?

“Great opportunities in tech and biotech. While the UAE has become more of a service economy, Saudi Arabia has a real chance at becoming the innovation economy.”

What advice would you give to an entrepreneur at the early stage of developing a business, with their eyes on raising funds in the future?

  • “Don’t lose sight of breaking even and making a profit one day.”
  • “Build with an exit in view.”
  • “Be focused but be malleable to adjust to changing needs.”
  • “Make sure that all stakeholders (investors, team members, employees, etc.) are inspired by the mission and vision of the company.”
  • “Under-promise, over-deliver.”
  • “Raise the most amount of money you can and spend the least amount of money you can.” 

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