Top Artificial Intelligence Statistics & Facts in 2022

Top Artificial Intelligence Statistics & Facts in 2022

Top AI Stats and Facts 2022

AI, which once was a subject of people’s imagination, is becoming a reality at lightspeed. The computer science field that focuses on the creation of machines that can replicate human behavior and mimic his competencies has already altered the way we think and interact with each other. With a noticeable impact on businesses in every industry, whether in tech industries, investments and startups, or education and healthcare, more industries are becoming prominent for AI adoption and are finding new ways to advance and innovate with AI to ensure their continuity.

Below are some of the most interesting statistics about Artificial Intelligence 2022 current impact, its adoption in business all around the world, and its future scope in Saudi Arabia as part of its 2030 vision.

AI Stats in Business

Artificial Intelligence has become embedded throughout various industries’ standard business processes. Let’s dive into AI’s role in business with several AI facts and Artificial Intelligence growth statistics.

AI Growth in Business

The percentage of businesses adopting artificial intelligence grew by 270% in 4 years, according to Gartner 2019.

With AI proven to increase productivity by 40% and impact huge advancement in economic growth rates, according to a study done by Accenture, the widespread adoption of AI in businesses should come as no surprise.

AI Careers Stats

The industries that have become prominent for AI adoption in organizations include high tech, marketing and sales, financial services, and healthcare and pharmaceutical. More and more organizations are on the lookout for AI-trained professionals. 

Employing AI in Business

37% of businesses and organizations employ AI in the workplace, according to a survey by Gartner.

Despite the struggle with finding acute talent, a rapidly-growing number of companies and organizations are implementing artificial intelligence, the Gartner Survey found. With that in mind, considering a career launch in AI sounds like the right move to make.

A key statistic reports that the rise of AI will eliminate 85 million jobs and create 97 million new ones by 2025. Hence, contrary to popular belief about AI replacing human jobs, human competencies are still anticipated in high demand to empower AI training and machine learning.

AI in Saudi Arabia

Under the 2030 Vision of Saudi Arabia (KSA), artificial intelligence is becoming a key topic to be developed. The latest artificial intelligence statistics in Saudi Arabia show that the country is certainly on the right track.

Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence

Being at the forefront of adopting the latest technology in the region as part of its Vision 2030 and National Transformation Program 2020, surveys show that 50% of Saudi employees are able to automate day-to-day tasks, hence report findings place Saudi Arabia better than the UK and Germany for AI innovation.

KSA is planning on becoming the world leader in AI events with the organization of a global tech conference, LEAP, which will discuss the latest AI trends and topics, including their impact on the future of work and societies as a whole. The conference will bring together decision-makers, experts, and specialists from public and private sectors from Saudi Arabia and around the globe, including technology companies, investors, and businessmen.

Machine Learning AI Stats

While AI is the broad science of mimicking human abilities, machine learning is a specific subset of AI that trains a machine how to learn. Machine learning is the core of artificial intelligence, and it’s the top priority for many organizations.

Fun AI Facts & Stats

In 2017, Netflix saved $1 billion by adopting machine learning.

Considering customer viewing habits as key factors in analyzing patterns, Customers will give up on a search after 90 seconds, according to research conducted by Netflix.

With this in mind, the massive entertainment company implemented a machine learning algorithm that now automatically provides users with personalized content recommendations.

Machine Learning Facts

Other big organizations, including the likes of Amazon, have been able to benefit massively from machine learning. According to McKinsey’s research, Amazon acquired a robotics company that automates warehouse packing, reducing its  “click to ship” time to 15 minutes, a 225% decrease.

In summary, these riveting statistics about Artificial Intelligence in 2022 powerfully display its current impact and how its adoption is becoming more prominent in different industries.


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