What can you expect at LEAP 2024?

What can you expect at LEAP 2024?

LEAP launched in 2022 as the largest debut tech event in the world, with 100,000 attendees. In 2023, we welcomed 172,000 visitors – making LEAP the most attended tech event in the world.

That means that in just two years, LEAP has outperformed the world’s leading brands; some of which have been running major tech events for over 50 years.

Keynote speaker Kris Libunao (Executive Director and Chief Sustainability Officer at SmartCT) said:

“LEAP 2023 was a great networking platform. I was able to meet with influential experts in my field. It’s a great event where I was able to share my ideas, gain knowledge from others' experiences, and [I] even identified possible partners for future initiatives.”

In terms of the number of speakers, LEAP 2023 was 4th globally out of all comparable events. The event generated USD $11 billion worth of business – and the investor faculty of $2 trillion of assets under management surpasses any other investor faculty.

But as Mike Champion (CEO of Tahaluf) said, “We don’t want to stop there.”

LEAP 2024 will welcome more speakers and exhibitors – and create more opportunities for collaboration and innovation

When we interviewed LEAP 2023 speaker Ghela Boskovich (Regional Director/Head of Europe at Financial Data and Technology Association) for the blog, she noted the large scale of the event:

“Having so many industries convened in one spot made it so much easier to have conversations about the intersectionality of different data sets, and what potential use cases arise from blending those insights…And under one roof (an unfathomably big roof) we have smart energy, smart cities, and health tech bumping into fintech tech…a rare opportunity.”

And yet LEAP 2024 will be unfathomably bigger. Taking place in Riyadh on the 4 - 7 March 2024, the floor plan accounts for a 110% increase in square metres.

“This will allow us to create the space to go from 1,026 investors to at least 1,300,” Champion noted; and it’ll allow us to accommodate more than 2,000 exhibitors, up from 900 in 2023.

For Nick Cooney (Founder and Managing Partner at Lever VC), “It was great to see such a huge, well-executed event that clearly brought out a large number of people from numerous tech-driven sectors. It was also great to make a lot of useful connections at the event which will continue to be useful down the line.”

LEAP is testament to the power of collaboration

When he announced the details of LEAP 2024, Mike Champion thanked some of the key partners involved in creating the event – including His Excellency the Minister Abdullah Alswaha and SAFCSP.

Because LEAP is only possible through the power of partnership, and the collaboration of international, multi-skilled teams.

That spirit of collaboration shines through in every keynote, exhibition stand, investor pitch, and conversation at the event. This is the event that will shape the future of not only the tech industry, but global society – enabling innovation that drives positive change.

As Phnam Bagley (Space Architect at Nonfiction Design) put it,

“I met cool, smart, passionate people from all over the world. It was my first time visiting KSA so I really enjoyed discovering the local culture, people, food and focus on the future.”
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