What LEAP and data have in common

What LEAP and data have in common

When we interviewed Edosa Odaro (Chief Data Analytics Officer at Tawuniya), he defined two key types of assets:

  1. Exclusive assets. These gain their value through scarcity, and by being hoarded and traded in exclusive markets – like fine art and luxury watches.
  2. Network assets. These gain their value by being shared – like social media, big events, and data.

So just like data, LEAP is a network asset. On our own we’re just a team of people with a cool idea and an empty room. But when we share the idea and the space with exhibitors, speakers, tech thought leaders, and many thousands of visitors with enough energy to power the world: that’s when LEAP becomes valuable.

And it has become valuable

Instead of throwing a list of numbers at you to show you how many people have attended LEAP, and how many dollars have been invested in world-changing startups as a result of the event – we thought we’d let some real voices from our network tell you what they think.

People like…

Ghela Boskovich (Regional Director/Head of Europe at Financial Data and Technology Association)

“Having so many industries convened in one spot made it so much easier to have conversations about the intersectionality of different data sets, and what potential use cases arise from blending those insights.”

“I presented on the journey to open data economies and where we are on that path; some of the use cases being actively explored focus on blending utilities, communications, and financial data. And under one roof (an unfathomably big roof) we have smart energy, smart cities, and health tech bumping into fintech tech.”

“LEAP 2023 afforded me the chance to talk with others from around the world, in different industries, about that intersectionality of smart data use cases in an open framework; a rare opportunity.”

Nick Cooney (Founder and Managing Partner at Lever VC)

“It was great to see such a huge, well-executed event that clearly brought out a large number of people from numerous tech-driven sectors. It was also great to make a lot of useful connections at the event which will continue to be useful down the line.”

Phnam Bagley (Space Architect at Nonfiction Design)

“I met cool, smart, passionate people from all over the world. It was my first time visiting KSA so I really enjoyed discovering the local culture, people, food and focus on the future.

“I look forward to developing relationships with KSA businesses and seeing how a California-based company like mine can do to accelerate innovation on Earth and in space.”

Kris Libunao (Executive Director and Chief Sustainability Officer at SmartCT)

“LEAP 2023 was a great networking platform. I was able to meet with specialists in the field, and influential experts in my field.It’s a great event where I was able to share my ideas, gain knowledge from others' experiences, and even identified possible partners for future initiatives.”

Elliott Levine (Director Worldwide Education at Qualcomm)

“I was inspired by the many people with interest in education technology, but none more than the students that were able to attend my opening session. You could see their curiosity and desire to embrace technology to aid in their learning and their lives.”

“I also enjoyed connecting with and meeting many individuals committed to advancing the learning landscape across the US and the world. It is through events like this we can highlight emerging technologies that we can bring about change for the good of everyone.”

Amy Peck (Founder and CEO at Endeavour XR)

“LEAP was a phenomenal event! This was my second trip to Riyadh and the energy, the speakers, the startups – everything was amazing.”

“I met so many new business contacts, new colleagues, and new friends. I was fortunate to be on 2 panels – both with incredible speakers. The camaraderie between the speakers was also such a positive experience. I am still so inspired by the event and the future vision in Saudi – I don’t think it will ever fade!”

Not just an event – it’s a global tech community

You may remember that we once wrote a love letter to data. Well, we still love it – and we’re happy to be a network asset, just like data. Because what happens next isn’t down to the small team of people who organise the event. As a network, we’re on a collaborative path to the future – and it’s going to be full of surprises.

LEAP is a vibrant global community. Every day we connect with new people and new ideas. And each of those new connections strengthens our value as a network with the ability to change lives and shape the world around us.


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