Content creators: Use AI to gain a competitive edge

Content creators: Use AI to gain a competitive edge

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Jordi van den Bussche (Founder and CEO at JVDB Studios) is a gaming influencer who’s been sharing videos on his YouTube channel since 2011 – with 15.3 million subscribers right now.

With a passion for the potential of AI, not just for gamers but also for content creators and brands, Jordi founded an AI-powered content platform that enables users to produce high quality content using text prompts.

We asked Jordi why brands should be learning to harness AI for content creation, and what he thinks it means for creative industries.

What's the vision behind JVDB studios?

“JVDB Studios is envisioned as a creative hub where technology and creativity intersect to redefine the use of technology, mainly AI, in content creation. Our mission is to leverage the latest advancements, including AI, to push the boundaries of what's possible, engaging audiences in new and meaningful ways.”

Why should brands be learning to harness AI for their media and content creation in 2024?

“To stay ahead in a competitive digital landscape. AI offers unparalleled efficiency, personalization, and innovation, enabling brands to create more targeted, engaging, and impactful content.

“Some examples of this are our AI thumbnail and AI to video tool where you can generate a fully produced thumbnail and video with just one simple text prompt. This will include an AI generated script, voice-over, dubbing, music, (moving) images, editing, and it will be optimised for, at first, social media. We already have multiple successful channels that reach millions of people per month which are powered by our AI tools.

How do you think AI innovation will change creative industries – in particular, how do you envision it will change job roles for graphic designers, videographers, content writers, etc.?

“AI innovation is poised to revolutionise creative industries by automating routine tasks, enhancing creative processes, and opening new avenues for creativity. For graphic designers, videographers, and content writers, AI will serve as a tool that amplifies their skills and creativity, rather than replacing their roles. The focus will shift towards more strategic and creative aspects of their jobs, leveraging AI to bring their visions to life in ways previously unimaginable.”

What do you think is holding brands back from embracing the potential of AI?

“The hesitation of brands to embrace AI often stems from misconceptions about its complexity and potential impact on creativity. However, by demystifying AI and showcasing its benefits through practical examples, we can encourage more brands to explore its potential.

“Another factor contributing to brands' hesitation in embracing AI is the sheer scale and complexity of the AI landscape. With an ever-expanding array of websites, tools, and companies specialising in AI, it's understandable that brands might feel overwhelmed in this space. This is precisely where a company like ours can make a significant difference. By offering guidance and direction, we can simplify this journey for brands, whether it's through assisting them in selecting the right tools or developing customised AI solutions tailored to their specific needs.”

Why are events like DeepFest valuable to you?

“Events like DeepFest are invaluable for fostering and inspiring a community of innovators, creators, and thinkers dedicated to exploring the potential of AI and technology. DeepFest provides a platform for exchanging ideas, inspiring collaboration, and driving forward the conversation on how we can responsibly harness technology to enhance our creative endeavours and society as a whole.”

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