Is Saudi Arabia investing in AI?

Saudi Arabia is investing heavily in AI. As detailed in the Vision 2030, the country is dedicated to driving innovation and economic transformation through tech investments, as well as other support for startups and innovators.


The Metaverse: A Revolutionary Journey Into a New Economy

follow us on spotify   In this episode we are joined by Keith Jordan (Vice President Innovation, Mastercard). As people look for immersive and creative ways to interact with brands and products in a digital-first world, we will see a revolution in digital clothing, virtual stores, gaming, and NFTs – all of


The new work code for the digital economy

With a growing number of software companies, telecom companies, and hardware firms expanding in the region, there is an explosion in demand for software programmers, coders and software and hardware engineers in the Middle East. Everything from electronic payment systems to complete overhauls of government and corporate platforms require new


The Economic Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Middle East

With the growth of artificial intelligence (AI), questions about how this technology will impact businesses, consumers, and the economy, in general, have emerged. Employees are becoming increasingly curious about the implications of AI for their jobs, while companies are eager to take advantage of the opportunities given by this new


How Do You Train For Jobs That Don't Exist Yet?

No-one knows exactly what the future of jobs holds. With new jobs, technology and even industries popping up all the time, all we know is that the next generation of employees need to find a way to prepare for a future workplace that seems to be in a state of