1% Mentality: Why small gains are worth your time

In a recent interview with Entrepreneur Magazine, Steven Bartlett (Founder of Social Chain and star of TV show Dragons’ Den) said that he and his team swear by the philosophy of marginal gains. Sometimes called ‘the 1% mentality’, it’s the idea that focusing on incremental, seemingly insignificant progress in


Entrepreneur inspiration: Identify your emotional runway

If you’re an entrepreneur, you can’t neglect your emotions. How much energy do you have for your idea or startup? Do you have the drive to push your idea from fledgling flight to scalable business?  Laurie Fuller (Venture Partner at Raiven Capital) is one of four renowned experts


What do you think of ambitious women?

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How Can Female Entrepreneurs Find Their Place in Tech?

There’s a gender gap in the tech industry. According to the Harvard Business Review, women fill only 26% of computer and mathematical science roles in the US; 15% of engineering roles; and only 24% of all technical positions, in spite of inclusion and diversity programs now being commonplace among


Why Education and Inspiration Will Drive Entrepreneurship in Tech

The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) opened on September 23 2009, after an intensive period of building and academic development.  “It was a dream to build a university that is leading in terms of science and technology and research, at the shores of the Red Sea,” said


Advisors, Coaches, and Entrepreneurs: Secrets for Successful Start-ups

follow us on spotify   When we talk about venture investing we often think about money. However, a successful startup requires more than just capital. So many venture funds talk about the importance of providing entrepreneurs “capital +”.  In this podcast, Laurie Fuller (Venture Partner at Raiven Capital) talks in depth about


Entrepreneurship Magic: This Is the Future of Climate Tech

“ESG investing is the biggest economic opportunity of the 21st century, we just need to do it in a very different way. If you want to change the world, if you want to support an ESG-focused agenda, if you want to help with the problems we’re facing with climate


How do you know when change is inevitable?

It’s the tech innovator’s dream to catch the break of a wave at the perfect moment. To be the one who not only sees a monumental change coming before anyone else spots it, but who also has the team in place to utilise that wave’s energy and