The Unlimited Potential of Web 3.0 and the Metaverse

Web 1.0 was static, decentralised, mostly read-only home pages. Web 2.0 is about blogging, social media and e-commerce centralised and owned by tech giants. Web 3.0 is about whatever we want it to become. According to Chris Dixon: “We are now at the beginning of the web3


The Metaverse: A Revolutionary Journey Into a New Economy

follow us on spotify   In this episode we are joined by Keith Jordan (Vice President Innovation, Mastercard). As people look for immersive and creative ways to interact with brands and products in a digital-first world, we will see a revolution in digital clothing, virtual stores, gaming, and NFTs – all of


NFT News: 23 Companies who’ve joined the NFT movement

NFT news 1. Warner Bros enters NFT’s Warner Bros. is releasing NFTs for its iconic 2001 film “Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring,” at web3.wb.com, the studio announced Thursday. The NFTs effectively function as an all-in-one digital experience and each include a 4K copy of


Welcome to the metaverse – the Internet’s next level

Metaverse is a word that has only recently entered our dictionary. The word popped up 128 times in company conferences in 2021, compared to only 7 in 2020. We can credit Mark Zuckberg for bringing the obscure term to common usage. In October 2021, the founder of the social media


Four key metaverse trends to invest in

Renato De Castro (Executive Director at RMA Advisory) opened his #LEAP22 keynote with a touch of regret. In February 2009 he received a “very strange” offer – the opportunity to buy something called Bitcoin, for about $0.09.  He didn’t buy it.  Then in 2010, his child was born. “We


Just do one thing

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Renato De Castro (Executive Director, RMA Advisory) On the Metaverse

The next edition of LEAP will be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from 6-9 February 2023 with 100,000+ visitors. Under the theme Into New Worlds, each of the festival’s days will focus on a different pillar of innovation: Spark, Collaboration, Momentum, and Future. 500+ global CEOs, investors, unicorns


Virtual real estate is being sold for millions, why?

In 2010, the domain name Insurance.com made headlines as it is broke records after its sale for $35.6m. the domain name was one among many domain names sold for millions in the past two decades, even though they were registered for little to no money in the early


Is AR the True Promise of the Metaverse?

A lot of the excitement around the metaverse is focused on VR tech. Emergen Research estimates  that the market for metaverse technologies reached USD $49 billion in 2020, with an expected CAGR of 43.3% until 2030 when it’ll hit $1,607.12 billion. And while those numbers cover