What can niche sports teach us about tech?

Do you wish LEAP 2023 wasn’t over yet? Us too. But our keynote speakers are hard at work in the world, leading us into the future with new technologies and innovative ideas – and we’re asking them important questions every week. subscribe   This week we’re quoting… Sean Garnier


Humans and tech: A relationship in motion

Stéphane Houdet (World’s #1 Paralympic Tennis Player) came to #LEAP22 to talk about how technology has enabled his career in sport – and how he found himself involved in the development of sports prosthetics.  There are numerous ParaSport competitions globally, but the best known is the paralympics, which hosted 4,


Investing in Sports: What Sets It Apart?

follow us on spotify   Daniel Bernard, sports industry investor, founder, frequent public speaker, strategist, and entrepreneur workshop leader joins us in this episode to talk about how he started investing in sports tech. How is sports tech investing different than any other type of investment? What are some factors that