Experience Saudi Arabia: Things to do, places to go

Experience Saudi Arabia: Things to do, places to go

When we interviewed Amy Peck (Founder and CEO at Endeavour XR) about her experience at LEAP, she said: 

“I am still so inspired by the event and the future vision in Saudi – I don’t think it will ever fade!” 

And she’s right: Saudi Arabia is a country that’s buzzing with vision and ambition, and that makes it the perfect setting for LEAP – an event that has a clear focus on the future, and a commitment to driving innovation. 

If you’re coming to LEAP 2024, you have a great opportunity to make the most of any downtime (or stay an extra few days) and explore the culture of this beautiful country; balancing futuristic inspiration with tradition and history. 

There’s so much to do that it’s hard to know where to begin. We’re going to focus on Riyadh – but if you’re looking for adventure, there are many more experiences to be had in other cities and deserts of Saudi Arabia. 

When you’re craving a little history and culture…

  • The National Museum of Saudi Arabia: Explore the history and culture of Saudi Arabia at this museum in the heart of Riyadh. You’ll find historical art, scripts, statues and sculptures – and come away with a deeper understanding of the country.
  • Old Diriyah: Visiting the ruins of the old city gives you a sense of stepping into Riyadh’s past, with stunning architecture – and the Saudi Arabian sun bouncing off the sand-coloured cityscape.
  • Al Masmak Fortress: Also called Masmak Palace, it’s located in the al-Dirah neighbourhood of Riyadh; and it’s a stunning example of local architecture and history.
  • Al Rajhi Mosque: One of Riyadh’s notable mosques, and an active place of worship – you can come here for a guided tour to gain a deeper understanding of local religion and cultural practices. 

Or a touch of modernity: 

  • Kingdom Centre Tower: It’s iconic – a 99-story skyscraper with a skybridge, from which you can enjoy panoramic views of Riyadh.
  • Al Faisaliah Tower: Featuring a glass globe near its peak, this tower is home to a luxury hotel, a brilliant viewing platform, and a shopping mall.
  • JAX District: If you’re interested in art and creativity, visit this emerging arts district, which promises to become a hub for ambitious artists and creative development in Saudi Arabia. 

Want to relax and shop like a local? 

  • Al Nakheel Mall: A popular shopping destination with high-end global brands and plenty of space to take a break, have something to eat, and watch the world go by.
  • Souq al-Thumairi: A local shopping destination close to Masmak Fortress, you’ll find an irresistible array of local handicrafts, traditional clothes, jewellery, and more. Meet local vendors and find gifts to take home with you.
  • King Abdullah Park (Maraz Park): A lush, green, expansive space to rest, restore your energy, and engage in some peaceful people-watching. It’s the perfect spot for a glimpse into Riyadh life. 

You’ll be warmly welcomed

Saudi Arabia has opened its doors to international visitors, and it offers a truly unique experience – with a warm welcome, diverse landscapes, and vibrant culture. 

Come for your work in the tech industry. But then stay a little longer – and experience what this country has to offer. 

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