Investors and NFTs: Is It Worth The Investment?

Investors and NFTs: Is It Worth The Investment?

Today, it seems as if you cannot avoid NFTs. The news, social media, business moguls, venture capitalists, and teenagers alike are all buzzing about them. From mid-2021, we have started to see venture capital investment in NFT marketplaces, along with some exclusive NFT-directed funds being established. Now we want to know where will it go next, and what will that look like?

This session looks back at what has happened so far – assessing the good, the bad, and the rationale behind this shift. Then, we will look to the next year, and make some predictions about how investors will continue to engage with the NFT market, with likely diverging opinions and experiences among the participants. Finally, we might arrive at the conclusion – is it worth the investment in the long-run?

Watch this insightful Webinar including the below participants: 

– Yasin Aboudaoud (Chief Development Officer & Managing Partner at
– Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Olayan (Chief Executive Officer, Dammam Valley)
– Sonali Goila (Head – Venture Capital & Private Equity at Panthera Capital Investments)
– Triska Hamid (Editor in Chief, Wamda) 



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