What’s new in crypto payments?

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Blending blockchain tech and freestyle football

Sean Garnier (Founder of Urbanball) started his professional football career at Auxerre, in France. An injury forced early retirement – but “I was fortunate to have a talent for freestyling,” Garnier told us, “so I chose to forge my own path in this sport.”  Freestyle football is a sport of tricks:


Why central banks are creating digital currencies

When someone says ‘digital currency’, the world thinks ‘blockchain’. But blockchain isn’t the only tech that can be used to develop digital currency – and some economists don’t think that decentralised blockchain-based cryptocurrency ticks all the necessary boxes to be considered as money at all.   This isn’t true


Investors and NFTs: Is It Worth The Investment?

Today, it seems as if you cannot avoid NFTs. The news, social media, business moguls, venture capitalists, and teenagers alike are all buzzing about them. From mid-2021, we have started to see venture capital investment in NFT marketplaces, along with some exclusive NFT-directed funds being established. Now we want to


Smart Contracts Are About to Revolutionise the World of Business

According to The Paperless Project, US corporations spend $120bn on paper forms every year. Meanwhile, a global survey done by IDC in 2012 revealed that document challenges account for 21.3 percent of productivity loss. But what if there was an alternative that removes the need for much of current


Tech and the battle to eradicate hunger

Hungry? You probably don’t know the half of it. Globally, around 690 million people survive on under 1800 calories a day. Nearly nine percent of the entire world population are undernourished, and if you find yourself wondering: “How much would it cost to end world hunger?”, the answer is


Smart mobility set to redefine transport in the GCC

As global governments and technology experts prepare to converge on Riyadh for LEAP 2022, the city has become known as one of the few in the Middle East that is transforming its technology landscape and adopting smart mobility solutions, which will have massive impact on the economy, environment and ultimately